Games Marathon

Cubs, Beavers and Scouts at the 1st Winchester Scout Group all joined forces on Saturday 21st February 2014 to raise money for vital repairs to their hut.

The event, a twenty four hour games marathon, was held at their headquarters in Weeke and was attended by members across the Scout Group, aged 6 to 14 to raise as much money as possible.

Over the 24 hour period, 61 young people took part, of which 19 played games throughout the night.  These were supported by 13 leaders and parents.  Computer game consoles were set up in different parts of the hall along with table tennis and table top games such as Monopoly. They took turns in playing the games.  There was also a rest room for relaxing, sleeping and watching videos. The marathon raised over £1,800.00.

Group Scout Leader, Bruce Martin, said “Once again this shows that, given the opportunity, our young people can rise to the occasion and achieve a magnificent result”.

If you missed an opportunity to sponsor us for the Games Marathon but would like to help make a difference, please visit the event page to make a donation.

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