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What is the Supporters’ Wall?
Why Get Involved?
How to Donate A Brick?
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What is the Supporters’ Wall?

The “Supporters’ Wall” is an on-line initiative aimed at small independent traders who can’t make large donations but would like to help us build a Bigger and Better hut.

For a minimum donation of £30 we’ll add another brick in our virtual Supporters’ Wall which will show your business name and logo, a pop up text description of your business and a link to your web site which will help you do better in Google searches.

Why get involved?

  1. You’ll get a nice warm fuzzy feeling that you’ve helped us get one step closer to our fund raising target for this important community facility.
  2. We will place your logo or name in place of that brick you’ve donated.
  3. A description of your business will pop up when the mouse is hovered over your brick.
  4. The brick will be a link to your web site.
  5. To improve Google Search performance, a text link will be added at the bottom of this page.
  6. The latest donation will be listed on fund raising pages to further boost online exposure.

We want to see how high we can build the wall and, with your help, we aim to raise over £1,000.00.

The Support Wall will remain live and online at least until the end of 2016 (and probably much longer) to give you the maximum online exposure.

How to Donate A Brick?

To add your brick to the Supporters’ Wall, please complete the form below or, if you’d rather do it the paper way, download a Booking Form, complete it and send it together with your donation to the address on the form.

Please remember to make your donation by clicking the BT Donate button below to make your donation.

All of our Supporters:

Electronic Micro Systems Ltd. Manufactures of Hot Plates and Photo Resist Spinners for the semiconductor industry.