What I need to know to take part

Thanks for taking time to help out with The Long Haul.  Whilst this is essentially a fun and adventurous event, for it to be safe and successful we require you to pay attention to some essentials:

Please read the Safety Brief

NEW! Also download, complete and return (to david@kesbyco.com) the Form AMC – The Long Haul.

Meeting Points.  Meet at Spectator Points to join the cart.  The Spectator points are all indicated on the route map, again found on the website.   Report to one of the event organisers who will be wearing a High Viz shirt with 1st Winchester Scouts on the back.

Pick-up Points.  Use Spectator Points to leave the cart.  Be aware that the minibuses that we are using are for direct support of the cart team and cannot be relied upon to ferry people back and forth from your car.  Please co-ordinate with other people/families to sort out how to get back from B to A!


  • Children: Due to the degree of risk involved children (under 18’s) will not be able to pull the cart.  They will be encouraged to run ahead of the cart to attract attention to what we are doing.  Or they can walk behind.
  • Parents:The Long Haul will not take responsibility for your child at any point during the event.  All parents are responsible for their children and their children’s safety. Parents walking with the cart will do one of a number of jobs:
    • Hand out Cards – since we cannot collect in many places along the route, we are handing cards out asking people to donate instead.
    • Attract attention to what we are doing.  More people will take a card and be interested if they see the cart coming ahead.  Waving flags, or other device to attract attention will do the trick!
    • Buckets: we are not collecting, because we are not allowed to.  But cards will be kept in buckets and people can hand out these cards in front or behind the cart.
  • Runners: Adults who have volunteered to run will take it in turns in an ad hoc fashion, depending on how people are feeling.  It is a team effort so everyone is expected to get stuck in both on and off the cart.  When off the cart runners can either walk with it, or travel in a minibus to the next meeting point.
  • Cyclists: a few adults will be cycling ahead of the cart (and in some places behind).

Food.  There will be mixed arrangements for food during the event so please pay particular attention or you may go hungry!

  • Everyone needs to bring their own packed lunch for Saturday, including snacks during the day and perhaps some light snacks around tea-time.
  • Everyone who has booked into the campsite for Saturday night will be given a hot meal (thanks, those people involved in sorting this out).  Cutlery and crockery will be supplied.
  • Everyone staying overnight will be fed breakfast – probably porridge – and will be catered for lunch at Southampton Common on Sunday.  Feel free to bring your own additional snacks
  • Runners, support vehicles and cyclists joining the event on Sunday will need to bring their own packed lunch.
  • Juice and cake will be available for everyone at the finish line at Dean Park on Sunday evening at around 6pm.  Donations in exchange for cake are welcome!
  • Spectators are encouraged to eat at places where we have sponsors and these include:
    • Bournemouth Pier – sponsored by Rebbeck Brothers
    • The Hiker Café – sponsored by The Hiker Café (they are allowing us to hold a collection)
    • YMCA Café on The Broadway, Winchester – sponsored by YMCA as our future partners with the pre-school
    • Southampton Common – yet to be sponsored – could this be your company???!

Water.  Water will be available in the support vehicles.  Please bring your own container to drink out of

Bags and other kit.  This can be kept in the minibuses.  Please take them with you as and when you leave the event – or pick them up at Dean Park on Sunday evening!

Dress.  For spectators, adults and children, please come dressed to attract attention!  People directly taking part in the event may be given a t-shirt to wear (there are a limited number available).  Support Team people will be wearing hi-viz jackets with 1st Winchester Scouts written on them.  Weather will not prevent this event from taking place, so please come prepared for all climates!

The Route.  The whole route, including, 7 sections, 32 legs and 8 Spectator Points can be found on our website at www.firstwinchester.org.uk

The End.  Most people will be joining us towards the end of the event.  There are three Spectator Points where an equal spread of people would be helpful:

  • South Winchester Park and Ride (that’s the new one).  Join here if you wish to run or cycle with the cart into Winchester
  • The Broadway.  Join here from 4pm whilst the YMCA café remains open.  The Mayor will be joining us soon after 5pm.  Spectators can join us as we head up The High Street, but when we join the road at the top, they are respectfully asked to leave us and go directly to Dean Park.
  • Dean Park.  Steve Brine MP will join us to cross the finish line.  Bring some food if you wish or have some squash and a cake – donations taken!


Finally.  This event is intended to be uniquely scouting – adventurous, community spirited and fun!  We wish to bring attention to our fundraising campaign and specifically to attract new donors to our website.   We are planning on news and other media attention.  There are other potential spin offs from such a high profile event that only time will tell.  Please be mindful that only the most excellent behaviour and manners will allow us to show off the best of Scouting throughout the weekend and continue to win hearts and minds of the people around us.  Let’s be proud of what we achieve and ensure we have a great tale to tell for many years to come

The Long Haul – to a Bigger and Better Scout Hut for 1st Winchester.