Child Joining

Thank you for considering placing your child on the Interest List.  Please read the following before completing the form below.

Our policy for prioritising membership applications is in the following descending order

  • Children of uniformed Leaders (full leaders, not just “helpers”)
  • Siblings of Children already Members of 1st Winchester Scout Group
  • Children joining from another Scout Group (and therefore already Members of the Scout Association) who live in catchment
  • Children in catchment
  • Children outside of catchment

Our catchment includes Harestock, Weeke and Teg Down.  For more information on catchment areas see the Winchester District Scouts website at

The reality is that within our catchment there are over 1300 children of eligible age (6-17 years) and we have about 180 places.  So please apply with this in mind.

For children wanting to join Beavers (starting age 6) we have two Beaver Colonies each of whom take about 4 children each term.  So that’s only 8 children per term (24 children each year)

We follow a policy of maintaining a balance in ages through all sections (Beavers, Cubs and Scouts).  This prevents bottlenecks which, because of the age-range of a section, can easily happen if we take in too many of the same age.  Basically, we need to ensure that the same amounts of children leave a section each term so that there is sufficient room for those who are expecting to join (i.e. moving from Beavers to Cubs).

The best opportunity to join is at age 6 (Beaver), but children older than that occasionally leave, providing spaces for these age-groups.  So if your child is much older, it is still worth applying.  But please, please be patient.

To find out more about membership of the group, please visit the Membership Details page.

Please read our Data Protection Statement.

Be Prepared! All parents are expected to help out in some way. By having your child in Scouting, parents need to Be Prepared to help out.

To add your child to the Interest List, please complete the form linked here.