Child Joining Osborne Scouts or Shepherds Down Cubs

Thank you for considering placing your child on the Joining List. Please read the following before completing the form below.

Our policy for prioritising membership applications is in the following descending order:

1.Children of uniformed leaders

2.Children attending Osborne or Shepherds Down School

3.Children with SEN within Winchester District

For more information on the Winchester District catchment area see the Winchester District Scouts website at

To find out more about membership of the group, please visit the Membership Details page.

We require child and parent information for the safe provision of scouting activities. We will not share this data with anyone outside the Scout Association and we will not use it for anything other than the safe provision of scouting activities. Please read our Data Protection Statement

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    Because Osborne Scouts and Shepherds Down Cubs focuse on children with special educational needs, we need a higher number of adult leaders than is normal. Most parents are uniformed Leaders. We are constantly needing more Leaders as children join because the more Leaders we have the easier it is; and the easier it is, the more fun we have; and the more fun we have as adults, the more fun the Scouts and Cubs have! Please indicate below if you are prepared to become a Uniformed Leader


    If you have said yes, please contact us via email to set up a meeting.

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