Folding partition wall

We have now fitted a folding partition wall inside 1st Place that will allow flexible use for the hall space – different activities running simultaneously.  Half the cost was the donation we received from the Mayor’s Charity in 2015, the other half, of course, was down to donations and fundraising that our parents have all been involved in.

1st Place main hall with folding doors

1st Place both halls showing folding wallBefore it can be properly used we need to fill in the gap between it and the ceiling.  This will happen during early Autumn Term.  Please look out for dates when work takes place at 1st Place.



Thanks to everyone for helping us to develop the building and make it a safe and adventurous place to do Scouting in.


Working Day – 16th April

There are loads of small jobs to do inside and outside 1st Place this Spring.  Please add your name (email) to our Doodle schedule to help us organise.

Things that need doing include:

  • Painting the sound insulation boards
  • Putting more sound insulation up
  • Completing the Retaining wall
  • Cutting the grass
  • Painting the skirting boards and general patching up of paint
  • TLC to the hedging plants put in last year
  • Clearing of the wood behind the garages (chainsaws needed)
  • A few locks need sorting in doors
  • A bit of vacuuming and potentially a mop of the floor too!
  • Toilet seat re-fixed
  • etc, etc.

Please sign up early.

Do you know a good cleaner?

If you know of a good cleaning company or professional cleaner or if you know someone who is a good horticulturalist, then they might be interested in bidding for work to maintain 1st Place.  We are tendering for Cleaning and Grounds Maintenance work.  Follow the link to find out more.  Please forward this to anyone who you think might be interested.  We would like to hear from as many as possible.

Steel work going in

Most of the roof is on and the steelwork is going in to complete the frame for the extension.  The project remains on schedule and pretty much to budget.  Amazing! But do you know who might want to donate £8000 for a folding door?  Or £25,000 for an external store?  Or £9000 for a canopy? Ideas to

Why the # in #TheLongHaul?

We want people to follow us on Twitter before and during the 12-13th July event.  You can search for conversations on Twitter using #TheLongHaul.  You don’t need to follow anyone to see these conversations!  Just add #TheLongHaul into your tweet and you’ll see what everyone is saying!  Start doing it now and get used to it.  It will mean you’ll know exactly where the cart is throughout the weekend and how much we are raising as we make our way to Winchester!