Folding wall use


To close the folding doors, follow these instructions and pictures.  To open them, follow them in reverse:

Folding Wall 1The doors should be stacked against the side wall

Folding Wall 2Notice the numbered holes on the side of all the panels

Folding Wall 3Locate the handle and insert it into the outermost hole (number 7)

Folding Wall 4When you turn the handle (look for the arrows by the hole for the direction) the door clamp at the top and bottom of the panel will release.

Folding Wall 5Notice the clamp raises from the floor.Folding Wall 6You can now pull the panel away.Folding Wall 7Gently pull the panel across to the other side of the hall.  It will hang from the ceiling and will be easy to pull.  If it is not easy, you have not released the clamp enough.  Keep the panel steady or it will catch the floor as it moves.

Folding Wall 8On the panel is a ridge that fits into a groove at the far end.  If you only see a groove meeting a groove, you have the panel the wrong way around.

Folding Wall 9 Push the panel into the groove.  The hole for the handle should be outermost. Folding Wall 10 Use the handle to clamp the panel to the floor again.  This will fix it in place.

Folding Wall 11 The next panel can now be moved into place too.  Each time the hole for the handle should be outermost. Folding Wall 14Continue with the rest of the panels one at a time

Folding Wall 13 Each time, secure the panel in place using the handle and clamping the panel to the floor.

Folding Wall 15The last panel is the door.  This will close normally, so long as you have fitted all the panels tightly against each other.Folding Wall 16 The door can be a little stiff to close.  That is because as you close it, clamps close at the top and the bottom as with the other panels.

To open the wall, simply do the reverse.  When stacking the panels against the wall, only clamp down the last one.  This makes it safe, but also easier to close again.