Hiring the Hall

Great venue: We have a large hall, with several exits onto a large grassed area for use in the summer. The hall has plenty of natural light and benefits from  underfloor heating making it warm as soon as you walk in!  There is also a folding/sliding wall which allows the space to be used in creative and helpful ways. 

Location: 1st Place (1st Winchester Scout Group Scout Hut) is nestled between houses on Fleming Road within Weeke, Winchester. It can only be accessed on foot and has no dedicated parking spaces


Getting here

Cycling: Cycling is to be encouraged as much as possible. Bikes can be stored on site around the back of the building out of sight.
Car Sharing: Please encourage and coordinate car sharing as this will help ease problems with parking.
Parking: Parking is very limited due to the residential nature of the area.

Fleming Road. Parking on Fleming Road for drop-off and pick-up is possible during day-time hours as neighbour use is slight. Communal parking is found near the “green”, but priority needs to be given to residents.
Godwin Close. Can to be used as a drop-off/pick-up. It has space for 1-2 cars only.
Fromond Road. This is the main thoroughfare through Weeke and is capable of taking parking and also drop-off/pick-up. It is recommended to use the walking directly from Fromond Road to 1st Place.

Noise: Many neighbours experience noise from hall users every day. Noise should be kept to a minimum when entering or exiting 1st Place.

Audio/Visual: The hall has a speaker system, with an AUX and Bluetooth inputs, ideal to play your own music. There is also a projector and screen.  You will need your own speakers if you wish to play films, etc. 

Kitchen: The kitchen has the facilities to cater for a large group with a double oven, hob, two sinks, and a dishwasher. We have place settings for approximately 50 x people – crockery and cutlery.

Toilets: There are four unisex toilets including an accessible toilet.

Tables and Chairs: The hall has 40 chairs, 6 benches and 8 tables for community users.

Buses: The No. 3 bus stop is 2 minutes away on Fromond Road.