Do you know a Lawyer?

We plan to use a lawyer to support us in our commitments and contracts that we will soon embark on.  Some we are required to pay for, but there is some lawyer / solicitor work that may best be done by a volunteer.  It all saves money.

Do you know anyone who might be willing to offer a few hours help in late March / Early April?  Please ask them and put them in touch with Dave Kesby 07932 121446 / 01962 620351

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About Steve Feeney

When Steve is not organising activities for cubs as part of the Celts' leadership team he spends his working time as a freelance cameraman and video producer. Steve has been involved in the 1st Winchester Scout Group since 1995 when his son was a cub. He has also held the position of Assistant District Commissioner for Cubs in the Winchester District but has decided that he prefers the "front line" role of Cub Scout Leader more.

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